Table of Contents  Part I
Table of Contents  Part II

"Telling Truths" has a double meaning by intent. While it is a given that telling the truth is a good thing, there are times when one uncovers lies and deception and the uncovering of such makes it quite a "telling truth" about dishonesty and the nuance of "spin" and false narrative. These very "telling truths" are at epidemic proportions in our culture today. This book shares my concerns, conundrums, convictions, and confessions in a way I hope will be liberating for those who are seekers of truth. This is not to say I believe every opinion I have is without flaw, but more so , that I am a seeker of truth. And,a speaker of truth as well. Politics aside , it is my hope these words will open your mind to thought, contemplation, teachable moments, and an attitude of gratitude, We are in this together for whatever time we are blessed to grace this planet, 
Justin Holloway

Telling Truths

AKA Daddy McSappy

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(286 pages)
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Table of Contents Part III

On Transparency

  • Gratitude
  • Authenticity
  • It Starts With and Ends With Me
  • Lonely
  • Loving Your Ex
  • Love Writes Different Stories
  • The Plight of the Left- Handed Person
  • A Man-Child Day
  • Depression
  • Lyme disease
  • The Beauty of Now

Conclusion for now
About the Author


On Culture and Community
Troubled by Trends, Traditions, and Trivia

  • Standing With Israel
  • Oy Vey! Where Did The Truth Go?
  • The Time I Hit A Dead Man
  • Painting Pictures In America
  • Immigration Reform
  • And An Impotent Congress
  • Principle Versus Politics – Losing Democracy
  • Church -Going Folk and the "Negotiables"
  • Covered Ears, Closed Eyes, and Rhetoric
  • The "Flimsiness" of Demanded Apologies
  • When Words Get Used And Misused
  • The "N" Word
  • Shaken and Stirred
  • Hate Speech
  • Coffee & Wedding Cakes- Mindful Mitigation
  • De facto-Techno vs Old Time-Retro
  • The Paradox of Grief and Celebration
  • And Courts Who Would Legislate
  • Hey Church, About that Gay Marriage Thing?
  • To Pee Or Not To Pee

On Family

  • The Dad Gig
  • My Dad
  • My Mom
  • Grandkids Are the Ride of My Life
  • To my Grandmother I Never Met
  • Gertrude Berkner Smith
  • A Miracle Named Brady
  • Scripture Spoken Over Me
  • Speaking the word over friends and loved ones
  • The Last Time I Saw My Dad
  • Creatures Who Become Companions

On Holidays & Memories

  • What Makes the Good Old Days Good?
  • An Advent Prayer
  • We Need a Little Christmas
  • “Holidays”
  • For All those Funny and Lonely Valentines
  • Merry Christmas Mom and Dad
  • A Christmas Message
  • "Finding Fifteen"

On Learning

  • The Paradox of Thinking
  • The Essentials
  • "Arrogant or Teachable?"
  • How it Affects Our Senses
  • Who Is Your Leader Following?
  • Avoiding Toxic Waste Of the Human Kind: You Are Not A Dumping Ground
  • How Reality is Created
  • Renaissance by Reinvention
  • Where I Get Health
  • The Staleness of Stuff
  • The Many Forms Of Meaning
  • Defining Blessing
  • Infected by Hope
  • Falling
  • The "god" Card
  • The Validity of Feelings

On Sacred Lives

  • Praising A Woman Who Chose Not To Abort Her Child
  • Eden; A New Beginning
  • The Saga Regarding the Unwanted Unborn Continues
  • A Creation Story
  • Life In the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit
  • What is Pro-Life?
  • “Living and Leaving Well”
  • The Octogenarians of North Park
  • A Courageous Battle